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Photo album

What will you do with the digital photos once you get married? Are you planning to make a beautiful luxury album yourself but keep pushing it so they will they remain on the computer? Shame! That is why I always supply a 20x20cm “mini-album” at my weddings.

For the people who don’t really want an album, a very nice album to show the highlights to family and friends.

It’s a nice little 15cm x 15cm album with thick sheets, nice colors and a linen cover. It has a maximum of 24 pages (12 spreads).


Maybe you prefer a really big album, coffee table size. One that you can keep for the rest of your life in a nice storage box. Please let me know. I like to design it for you and help with the many choices that are available.

Tip: You can also give the mini album to your parents or order one extra so that you can also give one to your in-laws! Nice gift that they will proudly show to everyone.