Profile photo for a datingsite

Be yourself for the photo

Are you looking for a new partner and do you want to start off well? I would love to take a great picture of you that is ‘really you’ for Tinder, Lexa, Bumble or any other dating site.

Do you know that frustration on a first date?

You’ve been talking to someone intensively on Tinder / Inner Circle / Lexa or another dating site for a few days. The photo shows a smooth, fun and spontaneous person and that is how he / she comes across. You decide to have a drink and you are looking forward to it. You enter the cafe, look around once, and again, but do not see him / her. Or wait … the one who waves … But that person is about 10 years older than in the picture and looks very stiff and serious. Hey, how is that possible? Of course you give him / her a chance and go on the date, but you keep remaining a “huh ?!” feeling. The image that the person showed online is very different from how he / she really is. The first date will also be the last date, unfortunately.

Be yourself

Wouldn’t dating be so much better if everyone shows themselves how they really are? No photo from 10 years ago or the perfect photo on holiday (brown, 15 kilos lighter, etc), but just like you are: At ease, cheerful and the way you are: dancing wildly, laughing hard or just a bit shy.

If the photo shows ‘you’, you will also attract people who fall for the real you and not a wrong image of you. They don’t have “huh ?!” feeling, because with your photos it is: What you see is what you get! Now let’s hope their photos are just as good!

How does it work?

I will email you a short questionnaire about who you are beforehand and we will decide together which location suits you best. A location where you often visit, such as the beach, a nearby park or your favorite pub, is best. So that you already feel comfortable there.

During the shoot I have questions and assignments to put you at ease, but also to get to know you better and to know how I can best photograph you.

Do you find the camera a bit scary? No worries, the questions and assignments help a lot! However, you can always bring a friend to make it less uncomfortable.

After the shoot

I’ll make the first selection for you. This is often a large number and I put it on a special website where you can choose which photos you want. You see yourself differently than I see you, so it is better if you make the choice yourself.

Do you also want a good photo for a dating site?

Please contact me to discuss location and time.
Mail me at or via the contact form.


  • Portrait datingsite
  • 1801 uur
  • For use on social media, LinkedIn, dating sites, etc.
  • ✓ 5 photos included
  • ✓ delivered in low and high resolution
  • ✓ help with location search
  • ✓ choose yourself from an online gallery
  • ✓ including selection and editing
  • Additional photos: € 12.50 each
  • Price incl VAT
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