New photo for LinkedIn, Facebook or your website?

Do you have a recent nice photo of yourself that you can use for business purposes? Nowadays we mainly have a lot of selfies of ourselves from an uncomfortable angle or a big group photo.

But a good photo is so important! You want the people you meet on LinkedIn and Facebook have a good impression of you.

A photo that shows ‘you’

For me the most important thing during our shoot is that you are comfortable. I often hear that people are not recognized by their profile picture. The photo was too perfect or less beautiful. That’s why I like to take a picture of you as you really are. So no one will think: hey, I thought you looked different …?!

Scary? Uncomfortable? No!

We will choose a location based on your interests and preferences. We take all the time there to quietly get used to the camera.

Do you find it scary or do you not like posed photos? I will talk to you, ask you questions and even have small assignments.All so you can relax and show you at your best!

Amsterdam North

Do you live in the Amsterdam region and are you willing to travel to the Noorderpark? Then I have a special offer for you: a shorter session in the Noorderpark, slightly cheaper, since I have no travel time or need to search for a location.

Take a look at the page: Portrait photos in Amsterdam Noorderpark.

PS do you especially need a new photo of yourself for Tinder, Lexa or another dating site? Please look at my Portrait for dating site 😉 LINK

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