Do you want photos that really suit you?

Are you done with a website full of stock photos?

Do you ever worry about competition or how to attract your ideal customer? Show everybody who you are, because everyone is unique and what makes you unique attracts your kind of people. All you have to do with your company is to show who you are and what you stand for.

You also do that with the photos that you promote your company with. Do you use stock photos on your website or photos made especially for you? Do these show who you really are, business and private? I hear a lot of entrepreneurs who are not recognized offline, because their photos show a too perfect picture. I would like to help you with photos that really suit you and your company.

What suits you?

Together we will look at your company: what kind of atmosphere suits you, how do you do your branding now, what are your brand colors, what kind of ‘props’ (notebooks, laptop, flowers, etc) fit in with that? Based on this, we choose a suitable location.

You take various sets of clothing with you, so that there is enough variety. We coordinate this in advance, so that these also suit your branding. We discuss what you will use the photos for and also what kind of photos you need. If you make an e-book, you probably need photos that represent the theme of a chapter. While if it’s just for your website, you only need general photos.

During the shoot I will keep in touch with you, ask you some questions or give assignments so that you are photographed naturally and not too posed. I would like to show your real smile.



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