Photoshoot with your baby

Newborn photo shoot

For nine months he / she was in your belly and then the time has finally come: the baby is here! Suddenly so much is happening, so many new things you have to learn and discover. And if you already had children, you are searching for a new balance together. An exciting and busy time, but it’s also very important to enjoy each other and to record this time for later. Before you know it, the baby is already a running toddler.

So don’t forget that one important step: have beautiful newborn photos taken of your baby!

Relaxed photoshoot with your newborn baby

Some photos remain captivating throughout your life. This is certainly the case with baby pictures: as a teenager you are amazed that you were ever so small. When you get older, you compare the pictures with your own baby: what does he look like you! And the older you get, the more precious those photos of you as a baby with your parents become. Which moments are important? In my opinion the “real” life, that’s why I focus on that. We take pictures in your own environment and do what you will often do in the coming months: hug and cuddle with your baby, changing and feeding the baby. The small moments in between are the best.

That is why I love to visit your home to take beautiful photos of your newborn baby with you and maybe his brothers or sisters.

I do that in an unposed, casual way. The photoshoot happens while you are busy with the baby hugging, dressing him or showing him / her to a brother or sister.

In the meantime, I take pictures quietly, so that you do not forget these moments. Of course I also make some nice close-ups of the newborn that he / she will cherish for years.

Make an appointment

For photos of the newborn, I recommend doing the photoshoot within ten days after birth. During those days the baby is still sleeping a lot and we can take pictures more easily.
Do you want to make sure I have time? Please contact me before delivery and keep me informed as soon as the baby is there. I take this into account and after delivery we make an appointment for the first ten days after birth.

If you prefer to do the photoshoot later, because there is just too much going on those first few days, of course that is also fine. Let me know and I will come when it suits you.

During the photoshoot

I take all the time we need for your photos. The shoot takes about an hour and a half. But if the baby does not want to cooperate, is having a crying moment, then I wait quietly and we can take a little longer.

The baby is in charge during our photo shoot. So we don’t do anything he / she doesn’t want to do. And so we mainly do the nice things: hugging, reading, feeding. Everything that makes the baby happy!

After the photo shoot

Within two weeks after the shoot you will receive a link to a special website with my first selection . Here you can make a selection of the photos you want.

I will send your selection back to you within two weeks. You will also receive a photo album with all chosen photos in it.


Make an appointment!

Need photo for birth announcement?

Do you want the photos quickly because you are going to use them for a birth announcement? Please indicate this in advance. For an additional cost of 25 euros, I will ensure that the selection of the photos taken comes your way within 24 hours. The photo or photos (max 4) for the birth announcement, I will also edit within 24 hours after you have chosen.

Gift certificate

Tip: give a newborn photoshoot as a gift!

I have beautiful gift certificates that I will send to you by post. You can give this to the new parents yourself. The gift vouchers are valid for 6 months. They can contact me to set a date.

Recent photoshoots:

Recent photoshoots: