An afternoon of quality time

Nowadays we have plenty of photos of our partners, alone or together, taken with a phone or as a selfie. But do you also have a really nice non-selfie photo of the two of you? For the mantelpiece, for grandma, for later for the children or just to really spoil yourself!

In love, engaged, married for several years. You thought you were doing a loveshoot only on your wedding day? Deffinitely not, everyday there is a reason for a nice photo shoot with your partner.
We’ll have a nice day! Together we go to a beautiful location and I will fill my card (so to speak) while you only have an eye for each other.

I will ask you questions, have assignments and even have some small games: everything to make you smile, cuddle and give a big kiss for the camera. So don’t worry about feeling uncomfortable, or just having posed photos. I’ll help you with that.

Tip: Go for a nice lunch or dinner afterwards, you already have your beautiful clothes on for the shoot, use them!



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