On the photo as you are

Would you also like to have beautiful photos of your family taken? Photos that include you and that were not taken from selfie mode?
I would like to help you all have a nice day and receive photos that you can enjoy for years.

What would you like?

Do you want photos unposed? While you do what you like, like playing in the playground, cuddling on the bed or playing with the lego at home? Like I am not there, you are just enjoying together.
Then take a look at ‘Hour in my Life‘.

Do you want a photo for on the wall where everyone looks into the camera? But everybody smiles naturally instead of stately and stiff!
Then take a look at ‘Family Photoshoot‘.

Is your baby just born and do you want nice, spontaneous photos while you hug, change, etc.
Then take a look at ‘Newborn‘.

Nice words: