Spontaneous photos with the whole family

For years, Grandma has been asking for a nice photo with the whole family: all children, partners and grandchildren. Quite a hassle to organize so you always put it off. But why postpone even longer? Now is the time for a fun family photo shoot!

Tip: Make it a fun day with the whole family, have lunch or drinks together and socialize. In advance or in between, we plan a photo shoot that will just add to your fun day.

I always say I take “unposed” photos, naturally and spontaneously. However, with more than 6 people that becomes a lot more difficult. That is why this photo shoot is for people who actually want a somewhat posed photo: with the whole family or all grandchildren in the photo. So that everyone is on it, nobody has their eyes closed or looks backwards, but you all are on the photo as you are: cheerful instead of stiff and stately.

I don’t promise a perfect photo, but a nice happy photo as your family really is!

Who is this photo shoot for?

This session is for everyone who wants to have their photos taken with a group. Larger and smaller groups. A family of 4; a whole family, grandmother and grandfather with the grandchildren; a group of colleagues or a group of friends. All fine!

The only difference is that it will be more posed with more than 6 people, because of course everyone has to look into the camera. With a smaller group I do it a bit more unposed and I can do it a bit messier.

This photoshoot works for younger or older groups. I have other questions and assignments for the little ones and for teenagers. Sometimes children (and teenagers;)) have a strong will and take a lot of work and persuasion to be in the photo, looking normal. But I always think it is also nice to see a bit of character in the photo, right ?!

Tips before the family photoshoot takes place

It is difficult to find a suitable date with so many people. Therefore, start early. Do you want to take a photo outside in good weather? Then start a few months in advance by asking who is available when.

I always recommend picking two dates. Should it rain on the first date, we can still move the photoshoot to the other day.

Do you have a special location in mind with the family? The beach where you always go or the forest where you always walked. I like to join you there for the shoot.

If you don’t have a location in mind, I can help you find a suitable location. I already tip a few in my blog.

The photoshoot itself

Most of the times people aren’t looking forward to this day: oh no, we have to be photographed… No worries, it won’t be a drag, we will make it fun together. I have various questions and assignments for you. To distract you from the camera, make you laugh spontaneously and also test how well you know each other.

Good questions that often work well are for example: “who hates losing the most” or “all look at the one who can eat the most cookies in one go”.

We will start the photo’s with the large group. Unfortunately, this has to be posed with large groups. We can try various poses and take a walk to make it more natural looking.

Then you separate into smaller groups, per family or couple, all grandchildren, grandparents with the children, etc. All setups are possible. I try to do this as unposed as possible.

After the shoot

Within two weeks after the photoshoot you will receive a link to a special website with my first selection on it. Here you can make a selection of the photos you want to buy.

I will send these photos back to you within two weeks.

Tip: order a photo album with all chosen photos in it, nice for later!

What do you wear during a family photo shoot?

Especially with large groups it is extra important what you wear. You want a nice picture on the wall that is a little bit coordinated. A few tips:

  • Where’s the shoot? What colors are there? Keep this in mind so that you stand out from the background.
  • Not everyone has to wear the exact same thing, that might even get boring. See if you can choose 1 or 2 colors so that everyone can wear something in that shade. For example, blue. Then you get dark blue and light blue mixed up in the photo, which is pleasant to the eye. And a warm color as a second color complements it nicely.
  • Let everyone wear what they feel comfortable in. Children and adults who have to wear something against their wishes, you will clearly see that in the photo. They have less patience, it is not comfortable, they are and look uncomfortable. While they would proudly take their photos in their favorite clothes, maybe even show them off!

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