Show your company as it really is

In 2020, every entrepreneur or company faces a lot of competition. Do you know what is the decisive factor for your customers to choose you? Often people choose based on what they can see about you and your company. But for that, images must be visible on your website and social media.

What is your company’s story?

Many customers today want to see the face behind a company. Who makes the product that they buy? And how and where is it made? Become visible, show more of your company than just a portrait photo!

Customers often choose a company because they appear professional, reliable and sympathetic. But how can you show this through stock photos, some product photos and your portrait photo?
Especially if your company or service is difficult to explain, it is nice to be able to link an atmosphere and face to it. Choose the Company story: a photojournalistic way to show your company . In this way you make the process visible, but also the hard work, your team and your atmosphere together become visible.

Make your company visible

During a Company story I follow you while you are working. In a photojournalistic way, I record what happens in your company to make the product or to provide the service.

This way you can give your customers an insight into your company, show how you work, how the atmosphere is and who you are. This is becoming increasingly important for the customer, so it is worth investing in.


Recent clients

I previously made a company report at Amelieke Illustraties, CombiFit International Metaalbewerking, Oogst Goudsmeden and a Montessori primary school.


Since every company is different, I would like to make a customized offer for your company. Please contact me for more information and a quote.

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