Unposed, spontaneous photos

Really be yourself

Just be yourself, that’s what I want most from you when you’re in front of my lens. Whether during a family shoot, portrait shoot or personal branding shoot. Not a stiff and stately portrait, but a photo where you could really be yourself. You are perfect the way you are!

Who are you, what suits you?

As a photographer, I am not looking for the perfect Instagram picture, but for YOUR picture. What do you want? Not a stiff photo or some photo in which you don’t recognize yourself. That’s why we go to your favorite place. In your favorite outfit, where the wind blows through your hair and you can no longer stand up straight from laughing so loudly. A picture of which your friends will say “ha, that’s so you!”

How can we make the photo really “you”? By making every choice by you. Location, clothing, your attitude, we choose what makes you feel comfortable. You don’t like to sit still? Then we don’t put you in the picture sitting down, but dancing or skipping, whatever suits you.

Making you feel comfortable and make you laugh is my biggest challenge. But also one of my most favourite things to do!

This makes a photo session fun!

Do you get a bit nervous about having your picture taken? I make the photo shoot fun and relaxed. I am a photographer who keeps talking to you. I continuously distract you with questions and good conversation. Everything to get you loose, forget the camera and provoke real laughter. This way you are really yourself on the photo, unposed and spontaneous.

Are you coming with your family? Then I make sure that the photo shoot is a fun outing. For younger children I have games and with teenagers and adults enough questions so that you can have fun together for an hour and also get to know each other better.

gezin fotoshoot kennemerduinen

“You are you.
Now, isn’t that pleasant?”
– Dr. Seuss

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Experiences of recent customers:

“Bonny's spontaneity and natural look struck me immediately when we became friends. She is exactly like the pictures she took of me: honest and transparent. When we did the christmas shoot, she captured my smile and my pure emotion with her camera. In the pictures I see myself as a little girl again, I see my love for Christmas. I also see someone behind the camera who might see me better than I see myself. Thanks! ”
"We already Bonny's photos and were confident that she would take incredibly beautiful photos of our wedding. Bonny took plenty of time in advance to discuss preferences and wishes of our wedding. Bonny took photos of everything, from the moment of getting dressed to the first dance. From the moving looks of the groom and family and friends to the bursts of laughter and the ceremony itself, of course. All the precious moments are in the picture, without us being aware that photos were being taken of us. We would recommend Bonny to everyone! "
"Very happy with the photos from my photo shoot. Bonny made sure we had a good chat, she chose some nice locations and the photos look great. I am very satisfied with the end result."
"We are very happy with the photos Bonny took of our wedding! The contact with Bonny went well and she was very pleasantly present during the day itself."

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