Unposed, spontaneous photos

Really be yourself

Just be yourself, that’s what I want most from you when you’re in front of my lens. Whether during a family shoot, portrait shoot or personal branding shoot. Not a stiff and stately portrait, but a photo where you could really be yourself. You are perfect the way you are!

Who are you, what suits you?

As a photographer, I am not looking for the perfect Instagram picture, but for YOUR picture. What do you want? Not a stiff photo or some photo in which you don’t recognize yourself. That’s why we go to your favorite place. In your favorite outfit, where the wind blows through your hair and you can no longer stand up straight from laughing so loudly. A picture of which your friends will say “ha, that’s so you!”

How can we make the photo really “you”? By making every choice by you. Location, clothing, your attitude, we choose what makes you feel comfortable. You don’t like to sit still? Then we don’t put you in the picture sitting down, but dancing or skipping, whatever suits you.

This makes a photo session fun!

Do you get a bit nervous about having your picture taken? I make the photo shoot fun and relaxed. I am a photographer who keeps talking to you. I continuously distract you with questions and good conversation. Everything to get you loose, forget the camera and provoke real laughter. This way you are really yourself on the photo, unposed and spontaneous.

Are you coming with your family? Then I make sure that the photo shoot is a fun outing. For younger children I have games and with teenagers and adults enough questions so that you can have fun together for an hour and also get to know each other better.

gezin fotoshoot kennemerduinen

Really be yourself

By showing more of yourself, you make photos with real value. For family photos, the photo takes on much more meaning in your favorite forest, at the tree your kids always need to swing at, with the stuffed animal they drag everywhere in their arm. Beautiful memories!
And for entrepreneurs and portraits: by really showing yourself, you attract people who really like you and want to choose you.

Do you see the difference between a forced and a real smile? I do. It is always my goal to show the real smile, the real emotions and nothing “just because you have to”. You can also see this reflected in the selection I make. However, I think it is most important that you are happy with your photos. That is why you choose yourself which photos you will actually use. You see yourself differently than I see you.

Making you feel comfortable and make you laugh is my biggest challenge. But also one of my most favourite things to do!

bmoments, bonny vrielink

Curious what the name Bmoments refers to?

The B of course is me: Bonny. Moments: small moments, big memories. Life is not about the big days, but about our daily life, the little things. That is why I am always looking for the little moments during our session: that secret kiss on your partner’s head or your child taking your hand for a moment. Or with a portrait session: the moment you relax, close your eyes or that sparkle in your eye that comes while talking about your company.

Want to know more about who I am, I would like to tell you more on the page ‘About Bonny‘.

“You are you.
Now, isn’t that pleasant?”
– Dr. Seuss

Gotten excited?

Contact me, I would love to capture your moments!


I would like to help you with::

> Family photoshoots: from the start the ‘newborn’ shoots, young families, families with teenagers and also the adult groups I still enjoy doing! Preferably also with grandpa and grandma there.

> Portraits for business, social media or your dating site profile.

> Entrepreneurs I like to help with personal branding shoots where we dive into the company together; a company report where I document ‘the making of’ in a documentary way and I also like to report events.

Experiences of recent customers:

"Very nice, short and relaxed shoot at a great location. The amazing location and the beautiful weather really made it a moment to myself." (Mini branding shoot on the beach)
"Bonny took me to the beautiful Noorderpark to take professional portraits. Instead of having to pose for the camera (which I hate), I feel like we spent half an hour chatting about nature, travel and life on different locations. The result? No cramped, forced smiles but natural, relaxed and beautiful photos that I am very happy with. Bonny really brings out the best in you in a very relaxed and pleasant way. Thank you! "
"If you have 2 busy boys who don't want to smile on command, you are always a bit wary of posed photos and especially family photos. Bonny knows what to do with this! By first starting with a walk through the beautiful Kennemerduinen and letting the boys run and play around, taking photos of them when they asked her to, she created a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The combination of spontaneous actions and funny assignments has led to having beautiful family photos that I want to hang on the wall. Nothing more than praise! "
"So happy with my new photos! I never liked having my photo taken, I am always too critical of how I like. Not very useful in the context of being more visible online, so I went looking for a photographer who takes spontaneous and unposed photos. Bonny, what beautiful pictures you took, really me! Thank you again! "

Recent shoots: