You only need to do one thing during a photoshoot: Be yourself. Doesn’t matter if the shoot is for family, business or your wedding. I don’t want to take a stately portrait of you. Instead, I want to capture you as you really are!

What kind of photo are you looking for?

As a photographer, I am not looking for the perfect picture, but for your picture. I’ll take photos of you at your favorite spot, in your favorite outfit. Where the wind blows through your hair and you’re laughing so much, you can no longer stand upright. That is what I am looking for. Completely you.

A photo session is fun!

Most people are a bit anxious before a photoshoot. They want to look nice and many people still find the camera scary. I will make the photoshoot fun! Whether you come alone, with your children, or with a group of adults. I’ll provide assignments and questions to loosen you up, and help you forget about the camera so you can show a real smile. This will make the photoshoot a fun experience. During our interaction, you will get to know each other better, hear new things from each other and have an hour of fun together!

Curious what the name Bmoments refers to?

B, of course, is me: Bonny. Moments: little moments, big memories. I’m always looking for those little moments during our session. That sneaky kiss on your partner’s forehead or your child grabbing your hand for a moment. Or during a portrait session.That moment you start to relax, close your eyes or look really happy when talking about your company.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to capture your moments!


“We were very happy to have Bonny Vrielink from Bmoments in our house a few days after the birth of our son, to shoot some really nice photos while we were busy with our little guy. We shot many photos ourselves as well, but it really makes a difference when a professional makes them!”
“Thanks so much love! We just printed them off and we love them. You make us look so pretty. The photos are just fabulous. You did a GREAT job!”

Recent shoots: