About me

Hi! I am Bonny Vrielink, born and raised in Amsterdam. I live in a cute house in Amsterdam North. Since early 2016 I have turned my passion into my work and I work as a photographer.

For years I did course after course and photography was a moment to myself: going out just me and my camera of for inspiration to the photo museum. I alwasys came back happy and full of energy from such days!
At the end of 2015 it clicked in my brain. I had a wonderful day with a friend and her child in the park with the end result great photos that she was too happy with and said: “I would pay for this”. Ohhh ok!
Since then I have focused even more on photography and found the best job in the world.

If you book me I will ask you all kind of questions. It seems fair to me that I will answer a few for you:

What makes me happy?

Ohhh, so much!
– I am a huge animal person and how cranky I am, I immediately become happy when I see a cat / dog / duck / cow, etc. Cats are my favorite, which is why I have a separate website for that, see www.fotoshootmetjekat.nl
– I also love the beach and the sound of the waves. In the spring and summer I volunteer at Het Surf Project. Spending Sundays in the sea and also helping children, I love to do that!
– I can always enjoy myself everywhere with a book, I have had that since childhood. And so I almost always have my ebook with me.
– Oh and with my camera on the road abroad … Yes, those are the days where I come home relaxed and hyper at the same time!

Introvert or extravert?

Both! I can talk very easily, I make friends quickly (once traveled for a year and never been alone for long), but personally I can also get extremely intimidated by groups and having to speak in public. I can really enjoy an evening at home alone on the couch, but I also like to see my friends often.
As a photographer you deffinitely see my extraverted side though. I need to scream to be heard by big groups, get you all dancing or laugh hysterically.

What do I like most about my job as a photographer?

A lot of things! But some highlights:
– The people. I love being able to take a look at so many people’s lives and take great pictures for them.
– I also love THE moment. The moment when you laugh at something, iron your hair behind your ear or secretly kiss your son on your cheek. Those moments that you may miss when you look quickly, but that show who you (and your family) really are. Taking that moment makes me happy! Immediately at home or later, laughing at the computer at home 😉
(ps hence the name Bmoments!)

Color or black and white?

Tricky, tricky! I really like color. My house has yellow and blue walls and my wardrobe is full of color. I also like color in the photo, especially when it splashes off. But some photos become stronger in black and white. That is why I deliver all photos in color and black and white.

Why do I do what I do?

Photography is my passion and I enjoy beautiful photos. I want that for everyone. Browsing through old photo albums or scrolling through photos on your hard drive, I can spend hours doing it. It is wonderful to see photos from my childhood in the 80’s: with the floral wallpaper, brown carpet, the cat we had back then, the cuddly toy I always carried. Because of all the details from then you are immediately back.
That is why I love photo shoots at your home or at a location that is important to you. Not just photos for now but memories forever!

In addition, I am a very level-headed person, “what you see is what you get”, as they sometimes say. I can’t pretend. And why would we do that anyway? We are all good as we are and by showing that you also attract people (or customers) that suit you. I also want to show that with my photography.

To put you at ease and make you laugh is my challenge of the shoot. But I think one of the greatest things to do!

Any questions?

I hope this shows you a bit of who I am. If not, take a look at my Instagram where I tell more about myself or the stories behind the photos I post.
Do you have any more questions? Let me know!

Header on top: FotovanDana
Middle photo: Remke Vet van Bold-SL during our photoshoot.
Right photo: Joyce