About Bonny

I would love to help you with beautiful pictures of yourself or your family. Before you book me, you probably want to know a little bit more about me.
So who am I?

So Bonny. 40 years, almost 41.
I live in Amsterdam Noord with my cat Jip (she’s almost 19!).
Born and raised in Amsterdam, never lived anywhere else in the Netherlands. But have always traveled a lot. My favorite countries? New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Ireland.

I am like my photos are: honest, pure, cheerful, sometimes fragile and colorful. When a friend saw my new logo, she said: those are exactly the colors of your house! That’s right, I love color and have a pretty clear taste that is reflected in everything.

Animals always make me very happy, especially cats and I am a real catlady. And not even secretly, I also offer a photoshoot with your cat via the website fotoshootmetjekat.nl.

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To be allowed to just be yourself

Before I became a photographer, I worked as a communications officer at a nature and environmental organization in Utrecht. At the same time I also had my own foundation. Together with a group of volunteers I maintained a website: ikkominactie.nl (no longer online) with simple actions that someone can do to improve the world. You could do something to make the world better from two minutes.
That person who wants to save the world is still inside me. As a photographer I especially want to give you the space to be yourself and to accept you as you are. Whatever size you have, what style of clothing you like, whether you’re doing well or badly, it’s all okay.

People person

As an only child, I can enjoy myself very well on my own: give me a book and I will enjoy myself everywhere. But I am also a social person, I make friends quickly and I love being with people. I worked as a tourleader for Djoser for several years in the summers. I would go with a group of 20 people, full of families or singles, on a trip through Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia or Japan. Making sure everyone was happy, all their questions answered, that was amazing to do.
Every trip I learned so much: from the country, about myself, but certainly also about people. I take this knowledge with me to our photo shoot. Making you feel comfortable and making you laugh is my challenge of that day. But to me, it is also one of the greatest things to do!

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Photography is my passion and I can enjoy beautiful photos so much. I wish that for everyone. Browsing through old photo albums or scrolling through photos on your hard drive, I can spend hours doing it. It is wonderful to see photos from the ’80s: with the floral wallpaper, the cat we had back then, the stuffed animal that I always carried with me. With all the details from that time, you immediately stepped back into that time.
That’s why I love photo shoots at your home or at a location that is important to you. They aren’t just pictures of you, but real memories forever!

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Down to earth and romantic at the same time

I am a very down to earth person, “what you see is what you get”, as they say. I can’t pretend, never have. And why should we do that anyway? We are all good as we are and by showing who you are, you also attract people (friends, customers or possibly a partner) who like the real you. I also want to show that with my photography.

Although I am very down to earth, I am a romantic and I like the emotions, capturing the little moments: that moment when you laugh hard at something, stroke your hair behind your ear or give your son a secret kiss on the cheek. Those moments that you might miss when you take a quick look, but that show who you (and your family) really are. Grabbing that moment makes me happy (hence the name Bmoments)! Immediately at that moment or later at home, laughing behind my computer.

No one is you and that’s your superpower

Interested in a shoot?

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